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Would you like to…

  • Have your own training business and represent one of the world’s leading sales training programs?
  • Be a valuable training / coaching resource to your clients and / or organization where you can make a difference to their bottom line, and yours?

If so, consider Velocity Selling Train-the-Trainer Certification and / or licensing to represent Velocity Selling in your language, culture, region and/or within your organization.

Bob is an internationally renowned Velocity Selling specialist; his “Buyer Focused” Velocity Selling System has been tried and proven in all industries, in more than 45 countries over the past 15 years.

Bob cannot keep up the pace on his own, however, and needs certified trainers and license holders to develop, train and coach clients in a variety of regions around the world.

Bob’s credentials include a diploma in Adult Learning and he is a Certified Master Trainer; over the years, through his Train-the-Trainer program, he has provided valuable instruction to other trainers. Thanks to Bob, these program-certified trainers are far more prepared for a successful future in training, in business and in life.

As you know, continuous training / coaching is essential in transforming attitudes, behaviors and competencies. But high fees and travel expenses make it harder for organizations to justify engaging Bob to provide that continued training.

On the other hand,the presence of a Velocity Selling Certified local trainer to assign to or partner with a company, makes it possible for them to take advantage of a complete and affordable customized sales training program that is not only continuous, but effective and measurable against their bottom line.

The Velocity Selling Train-the-Trainer Certification program gives participants invaluable insight into modern-day adult learning interactive training techniques. Once certified, the trainee becomes an asset to clients in their region and can begin to set new standards and guidelines while having direct access to Bob. He/she will become a permanent resource for continuous training / coaching to existing and new clients.

Bob offers two train-the-trainer options: independent and corporate in-house.

1. Independent Trainers / Entrepreneurs – Certification & Licensing

The independent train-the trainer certification process is a great opportunity for existing trainers, want-to-be trainers, or entrepreneurs who want to expand their business and provide greater value to their clients as a keynote speaker, trainer, coach and/or author.

This Sales Training option is conducted over a period of one week with anywhere from 10-15 participants, somewhere in the world. A 50% deposit is required to reserve your attendance at the program; the balance is due upon arrival. The trainee is responsible for their own travel, food and accommodation expenses. The training fee is for the train the trainer session only. There is an additional fee for certification and license, but one must first qualify.

To qualify, within 30 days of completing the train-the-trainer program you must deliver the Velocity Selling training program on your own, to a group of at least ten participants for a minimum full day and obtain a 4 out of 5 rating to be certified and then licensed.

You can also add on certification in motivation, leadership and team effectiveness training by attending additional days. However, you must first achieve certification in the Sales Training program before entering Phase 2 – Sales Management.

Bob provides ongoing training and coaching and, once certified / licensed, trainees can return and participate in train-the-trainer sessions as often as they like, at no charge. Their only cost is travel, meals and accommodations.

Would you like to have a training / coaching business and be able to effectively provide non-traditional sales, leadership, motivation and team effectiveness training to business owners, entrepreneurs, selling and non-selling professionals while contributing to their bottom line, and yours?

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2. Corporate In-House Sales Trainer Certification / License

Hiring Bob to train-the-trainer saves you money and you gain a certified in-house resource with a complete customized sales training program that is uniquely yours.

The certification can also include motivation, leadership and team effectiveness training certification. However, you must achieve certification in the Sales Training program before entering Phase 2 – Sales Management.

The license agreement would be between your organization and Bob Urichuck Management Inc. with consideration to duration, budget and other training or facilitation needs.

The in-house train-the-trainer certification program is a five-step process.

  1. Assign a trainer resource(s) to partner with Bob in customizing the in-house program to meet the objectives, needs and time allocations previously identified. This is the first step in taking ownership of the program.
  2. Participate in the program as a trainee, take notes and observe Bob. This includes a debriefing / dry run.
  3. Co-instruct the program alongside Bob and receive private coaching each step of the way. Debriefing will take place during breaks, lunch and group exercises as well as after the event.
  4. Conduct the full program on your own, with Bob as an observer. Private coaching and debriefing during exercises, breaks, lunch or after hours.
  5. Conduct the program completely on your own with a minimum of ten participants for one full day. Bob will not be present. You must obtain a 4 out of 5 participant evaluation rating to be certified.

In-house programs include ongoing coaching and support with 24/7 access to Bob.

Would you like to have a customized sales training program that is uniquely yours, along with an in-house certified trainer / coach that can effectively train your team while making a measurable difference to your bottom line?

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Would you like to be a Trainer, Coach, Speaker or Author on your own or for your organization,
and be truly successful in this chosen field?

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