Velocity Selling Virtual Training

Velocity Selling Virtual Training is an innovative web-based learning platform that provides corporate sales professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, selling and non-selling professionals like you with a continuous, affordable and accessible step-by-step non-traditional sales process. This process will put you back in control of the sales interaction, shorten your sales cycles, increase your margins, revenues and return on time invested (ROTI) while building and maintaining relationships that will become your secondary sales force.

There are four main learning categories and more than 350 modules of interactive video, from 30 seconds to seven minutes in length, supported by workbooks, assignments, real life application, and testing. Using interactive learning techniques participants will quickly be able to apply their learning in the real world and master these non-traditional buyer-focused sales techniques in bite-sized portions.

The online training platform is designed and presented by Bob Urichuck, drawing on his more than 45 years of sales experience that has run the gamut from door-to-door sales to high-value corporate boardroom sales. For the last 15 years Bob has trained small businesses to Fortune 500 companies on his non-traditional “Buyer Focused” Velocity Selling System. He has conducted training in more than 45 countries and spoken to audiences of over 10,000 participants.

Engineered by Lightspeed VT, the virtual sales training platform also provides a full range of corporate training and communications measurements for management: monitoring, tracking, testing and reporting on each individual’s performance and results within teams.

Ideal for use in head offices and branches worldwide, the platform offers an interactive, virtual format that is as engaging as it is innovative.
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