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The scales of power have shifted in today’s new economy of buyers. Traditional sales methods no longer work:

  • Buyers have been educated by salespeople regarding all imaginable sales techniques and have become immune to them.
  • The Internet has made information easier to gather and to evaluate. In fact, in the past five years the emerging power and accessibility of information over the web has finally tipped the scale of power to the buyer.
  • Buyers today can purchase whatever they want, when they want and without a sales person confronting them and wasting their time.
  • The buyers are in control.

Buyers follow a system and so should salespeople. The system must attract, engage and empower buyers to buy—the opposite of selling. The sales process becomes a no pressure exchange where getting to the truth and building a relationship is the goal. It becomes more important to bring in the right buyers for the right reasons instead of simply making a sales pitch or even a sale.

In this Sales keynote or workshop based on Bob’s newest book—Velocity Selling, How to Attract, Engage and Empower Buyers to Buy —your sales team will first learn about today’s new economy of buyers.

Once they understand how buyers control the sales process, they will realize the need for change in how they conduct their sales.

Participants will then learn numerous strategies tomaximize time and measurable results from buyer attraction, to engagement, qualification, and when qualified, empower the buyer to buy.

The result? Your salespeople will experience stronger buyer relationships, faster sales cycles, higher margins and profits, and improved closing ratios. They will have more satisfied customers and more referrals.

An ideal topic for: corporate and small business leaders, sales management, entrepreneurs, selling and non-selling professionals.

Learning options:
Book , Keynote, Workshops, One- to Multiple-Day Training, Continuous Online Training, Sales/Business Coaching
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Buy Velocity Selling: How to Attract, Engage & Empower Buyers to Buy

Would you and/or your team like to attract, engage and empower more buyers, be in control of the sales process, shorten your sales cycle, increase your performance, margins, revenues, bottom line and more?



Team Effectiveness

Would you like to learn how to have, or work within, a more effective team?

Self-motivation and team motivation are the foundations to success—a motivated and engaged environment and team attracts and retains top performers, resulting in better performance, increased productivity and bottom line measurable results.

In this Team Effectiveness keynote or workshop based on Bob’s new book Motivate Your Team in 30 Days , co-authored with his son Dave, team leaders will:

  • learn innovative motivation strategies;
  • improve their team’s morale and self-confidence;
  • master their own leadership style to boost their team’s performance.
  • lead through the use of self-discovery, engagement and empowerment

Team members will discover and understand themselves and human nature in order to become better leaders and team players. In the process each will get a better understanding about internal vs. external motivation, beliefs, attitude, what is and what is not under their control, and how people react towards these factors.

With a focus on team evaluation and discussion, participants discover the positive factors working in their favor, and the areas of improvement. The team will identify the most productive solutions, take ownership, and as a whole, make things happen.

An ideal topic for: teams in all functions—corporate, small business, government, associations…

Learning options: Book , Keynote, Workshops—Half-Day to Full-Day, Leadership Coaching.

Would you like to learn how to have, or work within, a more effective team?




Do you know who you are? Do you love what you are doing? Do you have what you want out of life? Do you know what you want out of life? Do you wake up and jump out of bed every morning eager to face the challenges of a new day?

If not, then this topic will inspire and guide you to take control of each day and move you towards leading the life of your dreams.

This Motivation keynote or workshop, based on Bob’s book Disciplined for Life, You Are the Author of Your Future , incorporates an interactive adult learning system with the objective to help you help yourself. It will lead you to understand what success, attitude, motivation and that most important person—YOU—are all about. You will commit first to yourself and then to your dreams.

This topic is designed to help you live your life first, to reduce stress, increase productivity, improve your work environment and lifestyle, and do what you love to do while moving towards living the life of your dreams.

An ideal topic for: all walks of life who want to better manage their time and get what they want out of life.

Learning options: Book , Keynote, Workshop, One- to Multiple-Day Training, Personal Development Coaching

Would you, or your team, like to realize your goals and live the life of your dreams?




Would you, or your team members, like to become a highly effective leader, from the inside-out?

Maintaining a motivated staff is not always the easiest of tasks, but it does get results for you, your customers and the employee. If you want to avoid losing your best employees, you must encourage all those around you to do better. Save yourself the time and money interviewing, hiring and re-training new staff.

This Leadership keynote or workshop is based on Bob’s books Disciplined for Life, You Are the Author of Your Future and Motivate Your Team in 30 Days .

This topic will help you understand leadership from within. You will discover what permanently motivates people and how to empower your team to become superstars. You will learn techniques to reduce stress, increase productivity and improve the overall work environment.

An ideal topic for: corporate and small business leaders

Learning options: Books , Keynote, Workshops, One-Day Training, Leadership Coaching

Would you, or your team members, like to become a highly effective leader, from the inside out?




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