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Sales Training, Without Supporting Sales Management Training, is a Waste of Time and Money!

Many organizations invest in sales training which is wonderful but unfortunately, they do not invest or even consider supporting sales management training.

Sales training will not be effective unless management is onboard. An organization will benefit from efficient use of time and get more “bang for your buck” with supporting sales management training.

Sales training generates valuable changes and improvements in individual attitudes, behaviours, competencies, and disciplines. All these factors lead to bottom line improvements; however, if sales management is not trained on “how to” demonstrate and coach these improved characteristics, then nothing will change.

You have heard it said before – monkey see, monkey do. Sales people look up to sales management and will emulate management’s course of action. If management doesn’t utilize what is acquired from the sales training program, then they defeat the overall purpose of sales training. It becomes a futile investment of time and money.

However, with supporting sales management training, the sales manager not only learns how to demonstrate the sales process acquired through sales training, but also learns how to overcome his/her own weaknesses. Management is very likely to increase their strengths and become better coaches for their sales team.

Sales management training goes beyond the sales training curriculum. Sales management training focuses on understanding the role of a leader/mentor/coach and how to effectively guide in all areas. Sales management training enlightens and warrants increased and ongoing team motivation and bottom line results.

Sales management training provides sales managers with the tools necessary to engage the sales team and secure a commitment to devise and accomplish effective sales strategies. Sales management training highlights how to forecast and maintain sales performance while getting the best return on time invested – R.O.T.I.

Sales management training offers techniques on how to provide constructive feedback and deal with conflict. Sales management training explores how to run effective sales meetings, build stronger teams, and use recognition and reward appropriately.

Sales management training is designed to support the sales training program and help create winners. Sales managers should also be responsible for following-up with ongoing sales training and re-enforcement. Sales management training is far more effective when adult learning principles and methodologies are included.

A well trained sales manager is an asset to any organization especially if management is trained to effectively lead their team toward improved bottom line results on an ongoing basis.

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