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Your Sales Behaviors Will Determine Your Sales Results

Your sales behaviors will determine your sales results. Are you demonstrating appropriate or inappropriate sales behaviors?

Behavior is the manner in which you conduct yourself. Sales behavior is the way you behave, the way you act, function or react.

Appropriate sales behavior drives opportunities. Inappropriate sales behaviors, or lack of appropriate sales behaviors will drive opportunities away.

Opportunities first come from setting goals, written S.M.A.R.T. goals, first from a personal level and then, from an organizational level.

Why? Because if you cannot apply those behaviors to yourself and accomplish your own dreams and goals, how can you do it for anyone else? You cannot give something away if you don’t have it to give away in the first place.

It is those daily sales behaviors, which when implemented, will make a big difference in your personal level of success and in the sales success of your organization.

As a salesperson, you need to be constantly networking, calling on prospects, qualifying them, presenting, helping them buy and following up with them.
These sales behaviors are “pay time” behaviors – the sales behaviors that lead us to the accomplishment of our sales goals or sales quotas.

Like any other profession, we need time for internal communications, training, paperwork and other forms of administration. These sales behaviors do not directly provide us with revenue and are known as “no-pay time” sales behaviors.

What are the best times of the day/week for you to be in front of customers demonstrating pay time sales behaviors?

What are the worst times to be in touch with customers? Demonstrate the no pay time sales behaviors during these times?

Manage you sales time behaviors and watch your sales results grow.


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