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Tracking Sales Behaviors in a Tough Economy

Tracking sales behaviors in a tough economy requires more discipline than ever before. Prospects are still out there and sales professionals need to step up, not step down, during these tough times. Tracking behaviors will ultimately keep you focused on the behaviors that acquire the best sales results.

You must step up your disciplines which is the key to sales success during tough economic times. It is essential you do more than what you have done in the past to maintain sales. It is necessary to do more dials, ask more questions, step up the visits, evaluate and qualify more often, write more prescriptions and proposals and the sales list goes on.

As a minimum, step up and do 10% more than what you have done in the past. If you have not tracked your daily behaviors in the past, now is a good time to start.

Create a simple form with the numbers 1-31 down the left hand side representing each day of the month. Create columns and across the top of each column list your daily behaviors. For example list inbound calls, outbound calls, e-mails, qualified leads, appointments, prescriptions (presentations), sales and value of the sale.

Track your behaviors on a daily basis by placing a mark in each daily column for each behavior performed. At the end of the first week or at the end of the month, you can add up the columns and create a call to close ratio for each behavior. You will soon know where you are getting your best results.

Once you know those results, you can proceed to place more focus on those behaviors that are getting you the best results in the shortest period of time. You are certain to get better R.O.T.I. – Return on Time Invested.

Sales professionals need to be out in the market place in a more proactive way than ever before. They need to position themselves as true sales professionals and lead the way for the long term, not be followers to the short term crisis. Now is the time to step up and do more, to sell more and to be in the true business of sales.

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