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The Language of Control: Who is Qualifying Whom in a Buyer-Seller Interaction?

control of the sales processQuick: when it comes to a buyer-seller interaction, who is really qualifying whom?

  1. Is it the buyer qualifying the salesperson via the buyer process, or
  2. The salesperson qualifying the buyer via the sales process?

Hint: it has nothing to do with grammar—but everything to do with control.

Got your answer? Next question:

If someone was to be in control, whom should it be?

  1. the buyer or
  2. the salesperson?

Next: how does each demonstrate control and what is the final outcome?

See where I’m going?

If you are in business or sales and want to shorten your sales cycle, be in control of the sales process, not leave money on the table, and increase your overall revenue while creating a secondary sales force, you’ll want the answers to the above questions:

Salespeople think they are qualifying buyers and believe they are in control of the sales process.

Salespeople demonstrate this by answering questions freely, sharing their product knowledge and related benefits, quoting prices and sometimes even discounting their product or service to close the sale. How can they not be in control?

The Bottom Line

In reality, it is the opposite.

It is the buyer who is qualifying and in control of the buying process, while salespeople think they are in control.

Buyers demonstrate this by asking questions, listening and leading the conversation to where the buyer wants to go, asking for discounts, and misleading the salesperson with “Let me get back to you”, or “I will think it over.” This in turn wastes the salesperson’s time but gives them the feeling that they may have a sale, at least a hope of a sale

In day-to-day sales, who really rejects whom? It is the buyer rejecting the salesperson, but not directly as the buyer rarely says no.

Who should be qualifying whom?

Is it not the salesperson’s job to qualify buyers and reject them while maintaining the relationship for future business? That is what sales is all about, is it not?

Who should be in control?

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Taking Control of the Sales Process

So, how can a salesperson demonstrate the appropriate behaviors to be in control?

Learn from buyers and how they maintain control – they ask questions, they listen then lead the conversation to where they want it to go.

As a sales professional, asking questions allows you to build a relationship of trust with the buyer, set parameters around the interaction, qualify the buyer for buying motivators, financial ability and decision making prior to talking or sharing solutions. Doing so puts you in control of the sales process.

Also, by setting the parameters based on buyer terms you do not waste time. You gain commitment and work on a “No” or “Yes” basis, or at least establish a clear future.

It is time to be “buyer focused.” It is no longer about you, your brand, product or service, features or benefits. It is now all about the buyer!

It is the responsibility of the salesperson to build relationships. The more relationships you have, the bigger your network and the bigger your net worth.

It is time to be in control, not thinking you are in control!

It is time to qualify, not be qualified.

It is time to ask questions, not answer them!

It is time to be listening, not talking!

It is time to get a better return on your time invested (R.O.T.I) with a buyer!

It is time for you to follow a proven sales system.

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