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Are You Wandering Around Aimlessly?

Are you dependent on lottery ticket winnings? Or Have you made the decision to make things happen?

Most people in the world today are wandering around aimlessly and/or dependent on lottery ticket winnings in order to live the life of their dreams. Then, you have those who know what they want and have made the decision to make things happen?

Which type are you now?

Which type do you want to be?

If you have decided you want to be one of the first two types, nothing will change. You will remain externally driven and a product of your environment.

The first step to internal (self) motivation is decision making. Decide to do something about your life and not just accept what comes along. You will need discipline and courage, determination and persistence, imagination, a positive attitude, a strong belief in yourself and faith that nothing is impossible.

In the book Disciplined for Life, You Are the Author of Your Future, you
will be provided with direction, exercises and tools to get you where you’ve never been before.

You will drown your greatest fears, you will live your greatest moments, and you will fulfil your deepest dreams simply because you made a decision to be the author of your future.

If you prefer to accept life as it comes, don’t bother reading any further. You will be wasting your time. This book is dedicated to those who are prepared to pay the price by working hard, by utilizing discipline and determination in order to take control of their lives and their destination.

Take the time now to think about your options. Think about the obstacles, the work involved, and the possible outcomes. You could decide to live a life without change or effort or decision; or you could decide to take action and become the author of your future and live the life of your choice.

Which decision will it be?


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