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Dreamforce ’16: 3 Disciplines to Master Velocity Sales and Superstardom with Bob Urichuck

Bob Urichuck presents at Dreamforce '16
Better, Smarter, Faster

Bob led a sales summit session at Dreamforce ‘16 under the banner “Next Level Selling:  Better, Smarter, Faster.” His subject at the conference, which was held October 4-7 in San Francisco, California, was “3 Disciplines to Master Velocity Sales and Superstardom.”

You too can master these three buyer-focused disciplines and see your sales grow with velocity. Watch this recording of his session.

Latest News

May 2016: For the ninth year running, Bob has placed in the top 10 of the World’s Top 30 Sales Professionals. More

VendaMais, Brazil’s leading sales management magazine, featured Bob in their April-June 2016 issue, with Uma nova postura e uma nova visão para um novo tempo (A new approach and a new vision for a new era).  Pages from VendaMais_Abril_2016_BobUrichuck

April 2016: “No” can be a positive outcome in a sales outcome. Find out why, and how to get to it quickly in this interview Bob did recently for Inc.: Why Getting to “No” Means More Sales and More Money.  More

Bob’s latest book, Motivate Your Team in 30 Days, co-written with his son David, has won a 2015 Small Business Book Award in the Motivation category. Read More

April 2015: For the eighth year running, Bob has placed in the top 10 of the World’s Top 30 Sales Professionals. More

Velocity Selling and Motivate Your Team in 30 Days each nominated for 2015 Small Business Book Award More

Ottawa Citizen speaks with Bob Urichuck about the changing nature of sales, the negative image of salespeople, and his reaction to being named one of the “world’s top sales
gurus.” More

Velocity Selling on Selling Power Magazine 2014 list of BEST BOOKS Summer Reading for Sales Executives More

New Expert Guide Will Change Everything You Know About Sales More

New Book Reveals the Keys to Boosting Team Morale, Productivity, and Effectiveness More

The Ottawa Business Summit 2014 Keynote Bob Urichuck More

Bob Urichuck awarded the Brand Personality Award 2013 (as an International Professional Speaker, Velocity Selling Specialist, Trainer and Author) by the BrandLaureate. Read More


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Sales Training Online
Shotgun Show with Carlo 3:45
Sales Training Author Bob Urichuck in conversation with Malti Bhojwani – Life Coach & Author … 8:25

Turbo Charge Your Sales
A two-part interview with Dave Crane, host of Turbo Charge Your Brand TV, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Singapore Channel News Asia Television Interview… 9:58
Sales Motivation with Bob Urichuck at the National Achiever’s Congress in Kuala Lampur… 9:30
Raise Your Self Worth and Net Worth. Bob Urichuck Live at Ottawa Business Summit 2014… 58:41


Turbo Charge Your Sales
Part one interview with Dave Crane, host of Turbo Charge Your Brand TV, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Turbo Charge Your Sales
Part two interview with Dave Crane, host of Turbo Charge Your Brand TV, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Disciplined for Life Interview 36:00
Bob takes Internet Marketing Expert Ernesto Verdugo through the interactive, self-discovery process he uses in Disciplined for Life to help others instill discipline to get the life of their
Getting a Grip 60:01
Bob takes Time Management Expert Robyn Pearce through techniques to facilitate the buying process and provide buyers with a prescription not a presentation.
The Sales Masters Telesummit Interview Series 64:00
Bob take host Marusha through the steps to be in control of the sales process, as detailed in Up Your Bottom Line, Featuring the ABC, 123 Sale Results System.
Transformational Sales in 2010 56:00
Take a Quantum Leap Personal Corporate Empowerment Show
Bob takes host Donna Root through the steps of building customer trust and increasing sales and sales motivation in the new economy.
Team Effectiveness 25:35
Bob appears on the nationally syndicated Maggie Linton Show heard on SiriusXM radio talking about his book Motivate Your Team in 30 Days and tips to gain team and individual commitment to
determine and fulfil common goals.
Team Effectiveness 18:35 to 36:00
Bob talks to radio host Bob Schmidt on Today’s Talk 1490 WLFN about the essentials of self-motivation and team motivation.
How Attitude and Discipline Can Rock Your Life… 40:59
Inspire Me Today

How attitude, belief and discipline can help you achieve a better return on your time.
Interview with Tom “2Tall” Cunningham BlogTalkRadio
Journey to Success: 53:45

Bob ties Napoleon Hill’s definiteness of purpose to his own approach to life and the structure of his “buyer focused” Velocity sales training based on the A,B, C’s of Attitude, Behavior,
Competencies and Discipline.
Interview with Geoff Currier Host: Nighthawk CJOB, Winnipeg
Conquering Procrastination 25:45

Bob discusses the differences between internal and external motivation and how they relate to procrastination. Relying on external motivation leads us to put off what needs to be done,
whereas internal motivation continues to drive us forward.
 Interview with Tippy Felzenstein on Tippy Talk Radio
Assess your weaknesses and jump into your seat of power 1:19
If you wish to stimulate your day with an inspirational Power Hour, check out my great interview  with Tippy on Tippy Talk, where you will also receive a special offer. So stayed tuned till the end, and enjoy the show.




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