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Team Motivation: Boosting the Confidence of Participants in Team Meetings

motivate participation in a team meeting

For most participants in a team meeting, the motivation to participate  can be increased  by creating a climate that boosts the participants’ confidence.

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There are a number of ways to motivate participation including:

  •   Acknowledge and listen to all ideas
  •   Turn questions back to the group
  •   Record all ideas, using their own words, and make them visible by posting them on flip chart sheets
  •   Ask for examples from the group members’ own experiences
  •   Look for and point out merit, even in inappropriate answers
  •   Avoid arguments and making right/wrong judgments
  •   Express confidence in the group
  •   Give complete reasons for directions
  •   Keep notes and live up to follow-up commitments
  •   Give constructive feedback and build behaviors through positive reinforcement

From Motivate Your Team in 30 Days, by Bob Urichuck and Dave Urichuck

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