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In the Seat and Ready for Sales Performance Take-Off with Velocity Selling!

Bob in Ho Chi Mi

What you do should be what you love, and that alone will reward you. Get out there and play your passion!

This first quarter of 2016 has been marked by multiple moving seats as I:

  • criss-crossed the globe, logging some 40,000 kilometres on trips to Costa Rica, California and Viet Nam;
  • welcomed Matthew Whyatt as the new CEO of Velocity Selling; and
  • saw many new seats/licenses processed on our refreshed Velocity Selling website.

Following your passion

On December 23, 2015, my son Mike left Ottawa for Costa Rica driving his old Toyota truck “woody.” His final destination — Chile, where he expects to arrive next month.  Joan and I flew to Costa Rica in early February, bringing our granddaughter, Mikka, with us for a month to visit her dad.  You can read more about Mike’s adventure at

Kevin Harrington (left) with Velocity Selling CEO Matthew Whyatt at their recent L.A. Velocity Selling mastermind.

In mid-March, I headed to Los Angeles to join up with Shark Tank investor Kevin Harrington to deliver a mastermind for committed sales pros wanting to level up their results.  Every business can do with more sales related to the right clients.

You can catch our impromptu chat here:  Why Shark Tank Investor and Billion Dollar Brand creator has gone into business with Velocity Selling.

Right after arriving back in Ottawa I flew 24 hours to Ho Chi Mi City,  South Vietnam, where I delivered a 45-minute keynote to sales leaders from emerging markets in Asia, Middle East and Pakistan, Russia, Africa, CIS and Turkey. That’s where the big photo at the start of this post was taken.  Now, how would you engage and inspire such a large diverse group?

Well, all sales leaders, all of a sudden, became fully engaged and inspired, resulting in a strong desire, with detailed sales plans that followed over the next day, to dominate in their markets, and from what I witnessed, they will!

Matthew Whyatt appointed new CEO of Velocity Selling

Matthew Whyatt, CEO, Velocity Selling
Matthew Whyatt, CEO, Velocity Selling

Over the past 20 years Matthew Whyatt has proven to be an exceptional salesperson and CEO.  He brings a wealth of experience and energy to the Velocity Selling team with over $100 million of sales under his belt, predominantly in the Licensing and IT product space.

Together, we are developing a business that will serve you better and make sure your sales grow and continue to climb over the next few years. I have asked Matthew to look at our entire business and develop a plan that is in line with our vision:

“To change the perception of the sales professional to one of high respect and value by inspiring, educating and empowering sales professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs globally to increase their sales performance capabilities while contributing directly to their bottom line.”

One of the areas I am constantly asked about is personal coaching for corporates and individuals, where we spend time with you every week online or in person to review your sales structure and strategy, make recommendations, develop scripts and keep the salespeople accountable. If you think you would like this type of coaching to explode your sales, let me know. Send me an email at or call me at North America: 1-877-658-8224 Canada: 1-819-827-2296.

Revamped websites

velocity_selling_website_001Early this year, we launched a new refreshed and mobile-friendly version of, and combined with more active selling, we’re seeing more licensing activity. We’ve rebranded our blogging platform as Velocity Selling TV and that’s where we’re posting video blog updates. Check them out — we’re now up to #13.


And you’ll also now see a world of difference finding information you need on my corporate website It needed more than a spring cleaning so we’ve given it a complete overhaul.

How about you? Have you taken a good hard look at your tools and methods? Could your approach to sales use a spring cleaning?

We can help you with a system that will boost your sales volume while contributing to your bottom line. All it takes is seven days to see the value in Velocity Selling. Claim your free trial here.

Up or coming

VendaMaisHow’s your Portuguese? VendaMais, Brazil’s leading sales management magazine, featured me in their April-June 2016 issue, with Uma nova postura e uma nova visão para um novo tempo – (A new approach and a new vision for a new era).

“No” can be a positive outcome in a sales outcome. Find out why and how to get to it quickly in this interview I did for Inc magazine: Why Getting to “No” Means More Sales and More Money.

ottawa_insight_business_summit_2016I’ll be speaking at the 2016 Ottawa Insights Business Summit along with entrepreneur and TV star Simon Donato and local fundraising star Sam Laprade on Friday, May 6, 1-4 p.m.  Ottawa’s Mayor, Jim Watson, will also provide some remarks.

There is also a VIP Reception from  4-7 p.m. Tickets for the event, which takes place at Zibi Canada’s Presentation Centre in Gatineau, are available through eventbrite. Use the code “Bob” and you will get $20 off a VIP ticket.



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